WSTRO, WSTROU, WSTRM WaveStar Software for Scopes & Meters


Sometime ago I bought a sealed copy of this Tek software:
WSTRO & WSTRU WaveStar Software for Oscilloscopes, WSTRM WaveStar Software
for Meters.
The label on the back says v2.4 Tek part number 020-2354-00
I can tell from the shape of the package that there is a CD case in it.
The package also has a spiral bound User Manual (071-0220-05) and these
A cable with a DB-9 female on one end and a pair of clear LEDs(?) on the
other end where it says it is an Optical Interface Cable .
A DB-9 male to DB-25 female Adapter
Five DB-9 shaped black plastic bezels

Has anyone had any experience using this WaveStar software?

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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