Re: Sampling head extender missing coax connectors


Got them today (also run-over by a hand truck as I posted)... no damage though.

The end that mates with the sampling head was easy - it snaps into the hole. Since the coax was a little short where some fool had cut it off, and I have no ferrules for these, I rigged it with a piece of #26 Teflon wire through the center and the shield quickly tacked to the connector barrel. There'll be a little impedance bump there but I think the trigger pickoff will still work.

Same issue on the "box" end that inserts into the plug-in - cable a few mm short and no ferrule. The problem is that the connector needs to sit flush with the end casting from the inside, and the casting's hole is too small to pass the connector through anyhow. I will need to fab some kind of mounting bracket to the PC board inside, likely how it was done in the first place... maybe use epoxy or (non-acid) RTV to secure it to the board. Not the casting, I'd never be able to take it apart again the other way.

"Missouri engineering" meets Tek engineering! Unmolested extenders are going for $100+ on that auction place. Forget it.

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