Re: Tracking generator compatibility question

John Miles

Good Morning All!

I have a DUMB question. Is a Tek TR503 compatible with a Tek 496 SA?
I have both and have never been able to get them to play nice. It's probably
me. I've got manuals, BUT I just noticed that the 496 manual keeps referring
to a TR502, not a 503. The Tek 492 manual refers to the TR503. So, I'd like
some input.
Aside from the TR502-versus-TR503 question -- yes, the TR503 is the correct unit for all 49x analyzers, from the first 492s to the last 2794Ps.

One caveat: the later models had what amounted to a passband tuning feature that corrected the IF for variations in the center frequencies of the resolution bandwidth filters. In some cases, users of those analyzers need to select a special mode (shift-VIDEO FILTER WIDE, 0 on the 494A) to disable frequency corrections. A 492 or 496 with misaligned filters might have a similar problem in some of the wider RBW settings, where the true 3rd IF is too far from 110 MHz to be reached by the TRACKING ADJUST control on the TR503. I think there was some earlier discussion about that, if you search the archives.

-- john, KE5FX

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