Re: O.T. Digital scopes versus Tek analogue.


Bert Haskins responded to:
(does anyone really care about X-Y mode?
Yes, big time.

I almost always have at least one of my scopes setup in X-Y for curve tracing.
Okay, I'm not disagreeing with you (I'm kind of interested in a good X-Y mode too), but, for curve tracing, aren't there any good, modern, purely digital (as in all data collected by a DAC and then displayed on a simple raster display) curve tracers? Does curve tracing require high bandwidth? My impression was that the X-Y modes of even fairly high bandwidth scopes were relatively low bandwidth (my impression, again, based on a wealth of ignorance).

I'm not asking this question in a purely academic sense: I'm kind of interested in curve tracing myself. I'm just not able to justify the price of a 576 or 577 for my hobby.

I'm also kind of surprised that modern DSOs seem to have such a hard time doing a good X-Y mode. I would think that it would be fairly simple to render the full screen based on sample X and Y inputs at a healthy refresh rate (e.g. 60 Hz) and still have lots of bandwidth to spare on the front end to get a highly accurate integration of the X-Y image. From what I've seen online, however, the X-Y modes of the hobbyist level scopes is kind'a punk (in the 50s sense of the word, not the 80s sense).

-- Jeff Dutky

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