Re: Transformation TR503 into TR502


Hi Martin,
above all it is a matter of principle that the resolution at 30 Hz must work correctly. In any case I can have a center frequency of 100 MHz, a Span / Div at 200 Hz and a resolution of 30 Hz, right ?
The matter of principle I fully understand! ;-)

If you have a very small span at 100MHz and expect a significant change in level, then you're dealing with a vey small-bandwidth device. Does that mean that you expect low-bandwitch side products on the measured output that you must filter out?

I have an SA with a tracking generator going from 20Hz to 180MHz. Only when I want to measure levels below sort of 100Hz do I require the smallest bandwidth of 3Hz. When I look at a very narrow filter at high frequency it does not matter much which bandwidth I set on the analyzer, as the level is determined by the tracking generators frequency and the filter to be observed. Its a bit like a scope and a sweeper.


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