Re: 3T77 tunnel diodes (again)

Albert Otten

Hi Charles,

I saw now that the 3S2 also has a NORMAL-SMOOTH switch. (My 3S1 has those labels more prominently above the switch, that's why I missed them at first sight at the 3S2 picture in the manual). If the switch is dirty and interrupted in the NORMAL position then the effect is the same as in the SMOOTH position. Smoothing is done by far reduction of the dot response.
Apart from this, you should see at least SOME effect of varying the DOT RESPONSE knob.


On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 04:22 PM, Charles wrote:

Thank you... that's an good explanation (and picture), and it does make sense.

But my faster S-2 with original diodes displays the same behavior in the same
setup, although with "only" six or seven steps instead of nine - so I'm not
inclined to blame it all on the replacement diodes :) I did run the pulse
generator output to the external trigger input on the 3B3, too.

The pics in the S-1 and S-2 manuals do not show this phenomenon, either, which
is why I was puzzled. Why wouldn't Tek have noted it?

Anyhow, this 3T77A likely has other issues I haven't found yet. So far, one TD
and one staircase-generator diode if you're keeping score ;)

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