Re: [Tek 485] No intensity control


Ok guys

This thing is driving me nuts !
Today I power up the 485 and again the intensity of the beam is too high... I quickly checked the DC Restorer diodes : all ok.
I tried again the procedure - step 10 Adjust Grid bias - of manual page 5-10, and I have some question on that procedure :

-> Scope is in x-y mode
-> When both intensity and B intensity control are Conter ClockWise, I read something like 8.21V at Z OUT DC test point.
no matter how much I turn the intensity control, the voltage read at Z OUT DC point does not change ?
I can actually get a voltage modification only if I put vert mode to CH1 (displaying grounded horizontal trace) but nothing happens when scope is in X-Y mode.

In X-Y mode the only way I manage to adjust somehow the intensity is adjusting R1660.

Am i doing something wrong here ?

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