Re: Continued: 2465B CTT/HPIB/WR TEST 05 fail 42, all CTT fail


Dear Chuck

The CTT option operation and self test seems to be dependent upon

1/ CTT board, EEPROM on board
2/ Trigger Hybrid U500, only certain ones work, even though they may work fine in a non CTT scope.
3/ successful CTT calibration, stored on NVRAM of A5

At the moment I have all three of these factors in question, as the original A5 board is in the hands of a friend to do the SMD leaky cap clean-up and NVRAM replacement. So, I am using another scopes A5.
I shall get the original A5 back and see if that changes anything after a CAL attempt.

The design of the CTT option seems rather flaky, to depend on unspecified U500 properties.

Kind Regards


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