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Dave Seiter

That's fine if you have a truck; some of us don't have the option, and no, we're NOT stupid!  Get off your high horse!

On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 07:22:41 AM PST, - <rrrr6789@gmail.com> wrote:

    Wrong, I think that a poorly secured welding cylinder riding in the
backseat of a car would easily snuff the life out of you if you ran into
something. IMO You would have to be very, very, stupid to carry something
like that inside of your car; for a variety of reasons.  People have also
been known to blow up their cars due to leaking cylinders of acetylene and
the like and people have been made sick and probably even killed due to
suffocation hazards from gas cylinders in many kinds of enclosed spaces.
Regardless, I NEVER carry gas cylinders inside of a car and I would not
carry any liquified gas there either.  My cylinders get carried, *strapped
down*, in the *open* back of a truck or a trailer. No exceptions. The same
with hazardous liquids like gasoline, MEK and acetone, etc.  BLEVE?  No
thanks!  Among other things, I've had teachers and friends that have seen
cylinders dropped and the necks broken off and they have described how far
a 200+ pound heavy steel cylinder can fly and the damage that it will do
when it gets stopped!

  BTW I used to live only a few miles from where that Blue Rhino propane
plant in Florida caught fire and exploded a few years ago and I watched as
it repeatedly exploded a few years ago so I know what even propane can do.
Also in around 1974 I was also living quite near Antelope, California when
a train load of 500 pound bombs destined for VietNam caught fire and the
bombs started exploding!  I had returned from VietNam only days before and
I instantly knew what that sound was!  I do play with explosives and very
large fireworks (I'm a member of the largest Pyrotechnics club in the US)
as well as welding gasses and various chemicals but you can bet your asz
that I THINK about what I'm doing and I don't take unnecessary risks.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 6:33 AM Chuck Harris <cfharris@erols.com> wrote:

A poorly serviced dewar full of LN2, riding in the back seat
of your car, will quite easily snuff your life out, without
you ever even knowing there is a problem...

Your welding gas cylinders won't do that.

-Chuck Harris

- wrote:
  I have welding equipment including Oxy-Acetylene and Helium, CO2 and
25/75 gas for MIG and TIG and the same companies sell all of that also
liquified gasses so I doubt that I'd have any trouble getting liquid N2.
Liquid O2, possibly, but not liquid N2 which in realtively inert and
doesn't support combustion.

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