Re: TM500 Tester Board Set Deliveries


Hey Larry,

My long awaited board set finally arrived yesterday. Only 11 days after
it was shipped! I think that I must be the last one in the US to receive
them. But everything looks good. Thanks for your efforts.

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 4:41 PM Larry McDavid <> wrote:

I just checked the UPSP tracking info for all the tester board set
shipments mailed on 2/11/2021 and find the following on 2/20/2021:

1. All but one USA shipments are delivered

2. One USA shipment to Florida is in Orlando, Florida today, 2/20/21

3. Two shipments to Alberta, Canada were in Seattle, Washington on 2/18/21.

4. One shipment to Quebec, Canada was delivered 2/16/21

5. One shipment to Frankford, Germany was in Frankford on 2/14/21

6. Four shipments to UK were delivered 2/17 and 2/18/21

7. One shipment to Kenilworth, UK is in transit 2/18/21

8. One shipment to Australia was delivered 2/19/21

9. Two shipments to Australia are in transit 2/16 and 2/19/21

10. Two shipments to France are in transit 2/15/21

11. One shipment to Ireland is in Dublin 2/14/21

12. One shipment to Spain is in Madrid 2/15/21

I don't know what the delay in the one shipment to Florida is. Maybe
weather... Gosh, there has been a lot of cold and snow out there!

The USPS tracking of international shipments has little international
detail but at least some show delivered so USPS gets some feedback. I
don't know if that is true for all countries.

I suggest all who have not yet received the board sets wait until mid
next week. If you still don't have the package, send me a private email
and I'll provide the tracking number.

The package is 13 x 10 inches in a flat mailer and won't bend in normal
handling. Some have reported the postal carrier has rung the doorbell
and left the package. So, this package may not fit in a standard mail
slot or mail box.

Many have reported successful delivery to me and all have said the
boards arrived in good condition.

A comment: Dennis Tillman, based on his experience shipping the many CRT
books, suggested I ask for an emailed postal receipt with tracking
numbers. That was a great idea! If you ship numerous packages at once,
do use the USPS email receipt capability. The tracking numbers on that
emailed receipt are actually hyperlinks, making tracking easier. I was
unaware of that capability and I expect others are also unaware.

Weather can wreak havoc on all kinds of deliveries. Local COVID
vaccination sites have been shut down for days due to non-local
weather-induced vaccine deliveries.

One mailer was delivered in one day; many were delivered in two days. I
believe we've got a great post office!

Best wishes,

Larry McDavid W6FUB
Anaheim, California (SE of Los Angeles, near Disneyland)

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