Re: Hi! I am new, but have several Tek scopes



The first thing to try, with any ailing scope, is to check the power rails. For the scopes that aren't showing traces or otherwise failing to come up it's a good bet that one or more power rails are out of spec (remember to check both the voltage and the ripple) probably due to failed filter caps.

For the damaged pot there are several options: first is just to run the part number through eBay and Google and see what turns up, you may find something close enough. Some people on this group have had success taking apart damaged pots, straightening the bent shafts, cleaning the electrical contacts, and reassembling them.

Two commonly used parts suppliers are Sphere Research Corp. (, and Qservice Electronics (, but there are others as well.

There is a good document from Tektronix titled "Troubleshooting Your Oscilloscope: Getting Down to Basics"

You should post some pics in the photos section, so we can be appropriately envious.

Welcome, and good luck.

-- Jeff Dutky

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