Hi! I am new, but have several Tek scopes

Steven Bender

Steven here,

New to this Group, but not new to Tektronix, or various repairs.

I have and love my working Sony/Tek 335, and Sony/Tek 336 small Oscopes, may they show traces forever! I also have (4) not working Tek 2445 scopes that I need to repair, and a dual trace LeCroy 9450A that shows a trace on only one channel (these are on my really long TO DO LIST). In this time of COVID, I recently got three units that are taking up my time and attention, besides those that are just hanging around.

The latest three acquisitions include an off topic set - a Rohde & Schwarz UPL, (nice for audio) this one powers up with a blank white screen, no dos, no boot, no bios, no beep, so it’s problem is not the usual CCFL Failure. I think it runs either a 486DX or maybe an early Pentium 100/133. It has an internal power supply connector blackened/burned, and several of those smt glass cased diodes across the 9! Vregs from output to input, are looking kinda dark, and suspicious, some might be blown. So likely a PS failure (and hopefully nothing else ended up blown, as this unit is just loaded with boards)... (Any UPL owners/users among us????)

The other two recently acquired sets are: a Sony/Tek 335, and also a 336, both with VG cosmetics, but neither one shows a trace. The 335 I noticed has a broken Ch2 position pot, (R222 AB) Tek part 311-1795-00, a front panel .075/.125 shaft 10k/10k ohm dual control. As far as symptoms, the 335 shows a “low line” led, but that’s about it. The 336 will light up some of its push buttons, but also nada in terms of a trace.

I could use some suggestions, help, and that dual pot, there have to be some 335 parts donors still in existence, knobs are OK, just the outer shaft doesn’t connect to the inside part of the control.

Thanks, and you all stay safe!


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