Re: NEW TOPIC: Outstanding Rockland Instruments 7000 Plugin; WAS: Slightly OT- Wavetek 7530B?

Steven Bender


The Rockland 7530A and 7530B are not seriously off topic, because they fit into a Tek 7633 or the 7603, two very popular and commonly found scope mainframe/power supply units

I have one of each Rockland boxes, and a Tek 7603. The 7530A is a working set, but it stressed the 7603’s power supply, such that the system would hang between 20 to 30 minutes after powering on. Eventually, I found that bad or failed solder joints on the several 2N3055 PS main pass transistors was the problem.

The 7530B unit doesn’t work, but after evaluating the innards, those six, (or was it seven) full length boards, seemed almost the same, so I switched one bunch with the other bunch in the 7530A, and the working set still worked! So it’s not the boards it’s something in the 7530B “box” that has failed. I forget which set of boards is currently in the working set, but I never quite finished with the 7603, as it’s so big and heavy, but Iagree, when working, it’s certainly a fantastic setup when evaluating equipment in the audio range.


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