Vertical attenuator skirted knobs


Few things are as frustrating as when the vertical knob on a Tek scope is damaged, by cleaning (hah, you didn't know the printing washed right off, did you?) or mechanical wear or other damage. Many discussions have taken place over printing new skirts, etc. but not many actual solutions have turned up. I get a ton of requests for these, but mostly we are out of stock.

However, I am a bad pack rat, I accumulate many odd but interesting things, thinking "ah, these are really cool, I will figure out what these are meant for later!". well, it doesn't always turn out as intended. I found an ignored fat stock box full of these skirted knobs, many brand new, but almost none with identifying information. Rats...

Photography to the rescue, and thanks to many pictures they are now up on the stuff page, and YOU can figure out what they are if you need one. Hopefully these can make some sad looking scopes out there look happy again. They are from 400-series, 22xx-series, 5A-series and SC50x-series units. Please look here:

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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