Re: Update (was RE: [TekScopes] TDS510 or TDS460A or 485 scopes as upgrade)


maybe, maybe not- mood dependent! you should just do that anyway for no reason on occasion!.....however.....olive oil ( in fact most of vegetable oils)  are also good for removing labels, crisco as a lube at times (worked as grease in a bearing assembly in cold unit for years)  ...bad news it does/may go rancid depending on always test before use...

On 2/21/21 1:47 PM, Raymond Domp Frank wrote:
On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 08:13 PM, Tom Lee wrote:

I wonder what other foods might be useful in restoring equipment...
Do you think cooking my wife's favorite meal in exchange for extra time to spend on restorations would count?



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