Re: International Orders for Peter Keller's book were MAILED TODAY


Yeah, I am not raising alarm just yet, just letting you know Dennis. I
believe under normal circumstances it would arrive safely. I have had
packages sent to me via Royal Mail, which were sent later than Jan 8,
and already arrived. And I know a bunch of companies have had warnings
on their sites that they don't currently ship to the UK (or out of the
UK). The reason is that due to Brexit the whole transit system around
the UK had to be overhauled - including all the routes - and that
seems to have made a lot of stuff go lost. So people were holding off
for now. I understand it has stabilized since then. It's unfortunate
that the courier decided to route the book through the UK at that
exact moment. Maybe it'll get found. If not, maybe I can get a copy
next time around.

All the best

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My experience with an unrelated package from US may be relevant. USPS tracking showed it as leaving the London Heathrow site that dealt with incoming mail at about the end of January. The Royal Mail tracking system just reported that it knew about the package and its weight, but no more. Then on 17th February the package was delivered to me.

I suspect that what happened is that it sat for a couple of weeks in a warehouse either because of Covid related quarantine, or because of a backlog caused by Royal Mail staff shortages (as a result of Covid).

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Hi Damian,
The US Post Office can only provide tracking information for packages that go through their system. Once they leave the protection of the US Post Office it is up to foreign countries to provide tracking information.

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