Re: Update (was RE: [TekScopes] TDS510 or TDS460A or 485 scopes as upgrade)


On 2021-02-21 8:41 a.m., Giuseppe Marullo wrote:
To avoid any possible mistake I bought the 2465b with frequency and TV trigger option(picked up locally) AND the 485(to be shipped next week)!

There is also a 468 in claimed good shape for like 110 bucks with a probe, thinking I am already become a tekscophile...

Now, I have other questions of course.
- how to clean the front panel? Nothing bad, I could leave as is but wondering if there is any recommendation.
On the 4xx scopes never use IPA as it will take the lettering off the

-Which is the weapon of choice in terms of probes with each of these two(2465E and 485)?
- P6138?
- P6053?
- What would you recommend for each and what could be a decent low cost substitute probe (and how/if to deal with the "special" BNC sense for attenuation?

I would also need a probe to measure 900-1100VDC, do you know any cheap/chinese probe you do recommend? I don't plan to use it often it is just to check the anodic voltage of my FT-102s transceivers.


Giuseppe Marullo

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