Re: 465/475 Volts/Div range LED swap problem.


Hi Dave,
I look at the messages between tasks and usually on a small screen so my replies are usually on the short side. I hope it doesn't come out as terse. I like these puzzles, keep them coming.

Wouldn't the low R win over the LED and keep it weak/off?
The bulb must be consuming >50mA and your LED is probably consuming ~ 20mA so we can burn another 10mA without overloading the Darlington. On the other hand R has to be small enough to keep the LED off. Exact value is not critical but 470-ohm would work.

I spent a good amount of time yesterday and this morning coming up to speed on
LTSpice. For example, I needed to figure out how to add a Darlington pair for
I remember sending you an example LTspice schematic. Looks like you find it useful too, it is a great free tool.


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