Re: P6021 Noise Problem?

Tom Lee

Do you live relatively near to an FM radio station?

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On 2/20/2021 13:08, Chappy wrote:
I recently acquired a P6201 active 1X FET probe which appears to have never been used. The inspection tag was still attached, the accessory pack was still sealed, and there was not a single mark on the probe's ground sleeve. All functions of the probe are working but it has a 2mVpp high frequency noise component riding on any signals that I measure.

The manual states a 'Noise Tangental' of 300uV (150uV RMS), a figure well below the noise signal that I am seeing.

I have tried the probe on both my 7403 through a 7A18, and a new Keysight DSOX1102G with the same results. I have tried powering the device with a Tektronix bench power supply, and a home made unit with the same results. Interesting thing is that the noise level riding on the signal is almost non existent when I feed it a supply of +/- 5V. As I increase the supply voltage above this the noise becomes more apparent. Based on this observation I believe that i can rule out noise picked up by the cable between the amplifier and the probe. I have also scoped the power supply rails with negligible abberations on the supply traces on a 2mv/div scale. With the Keysight scope (BW = 70Mhz) a screen capture shows that the lowest component of the noise starts at approx 100MHz.

I am starting to think that there may be components inside either the amp or probe that have degraded over time. Could a degraded or failed electrolytic capacitor contribute to this noise? Or could it be due to a damaged FET or BJT?

If anyone here has one of these I would welcome your input before I go chasing a problem which perhaps is completely normal for this probe. Once again, its physical appearance indicated that it has never (or hardly) been used.


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