Re: Semtech HV multipliers + more....

Michael A. Terrell

walter shawlee wrote:
I noticed we had a bunch of these new military HV multiplier assemblies, They may prove useful for fixing
one that has tanked in your scope. the part number is SCMA 10139, and they are at the end of this stuff section:

Sorry, I don't have any specs, and my goog-fu was not able to turn anything up even with the federal stock number.
Maybe Dennis can do a better job. Judging by the size, it would have thought at least 4-5X.
Hopefully they may be useful to somebody.

I am starting to fill up the Tektronix portion of the page, and there's some very sexy items in there today. My thanks to my son for the incredible number of hours he has spent photographing all the items. Now you can really see what everything looks like.
Walter, your link for Allen Industries go to a page that says the domain is for sale.

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