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Hi Damian,
The US Post Office can only provide tracking information for packages that go through their system. Once they leave the protection of the US Post Office it is up to foreign countries to provide tracking information. Some countries are very good about doing this. For instance I was able to see exactly where the books were at all times until they were delivered to our members in Australia. The tracking information provided to me from the US Post Office stops once the book destined for you departed London, England on January 17 07:55.
This was the last time it was being tracked. The exact message was
January 17 07:55 In transit - Departed waypoint LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM
That message tells me it was placed on a plane destined for the next leg of the journey to your country, Austria. I did not know anything about how international mail moves between countries before I mailed these books. I did learn a great deal about this process by watching the books that went to countries who provide our US Post Office with tracking information within those destination countries.

I went to what I believe is the package tracking site in your country ( and entered your tracking number. This is what it said:
TRACKING NUMBER UH032260245US The electronic order data was transmitted by the sender. No further information is available at the moment. Elsewhere on the web page it says: Shipment history 8TH JAN 16:03 Electronic order data was transmitted by the sender. Weight 0.983 kg.
That tells me your post office knew it was coming and they knew how much it weighed. Although it departed London your Post Office says it never arrived. I assume there is no tracking data after it left London because Austria does not provide the US Post Office with tracking information. That is only my (ignorant) guess.

As far as I know your book is the only one that has not arrived safely. I am sorry about that but I do not know what I can do from here to help you locate it. Our US Post Office won't help me track it after it leaves the US. I think you should see how much help your post office can give you since they know it is coming and it left London. The most helpful package tracking tool I have found is called PackageRadar. They are able to track packages worldwide. Even they could not see what happened to your book after it left London.
One more thing you should know: The customs form I had to fill out contains the address you gave me. That information is entered by the US Postal Clerk into the USPS computer system and that information is sent along with the tracking number to your country. They received all of that information on January 8. There is a bar coded label attached to the package with the tracking number on it. As it passes through each waypoint along the way that bar code is scanned to determine where it should go next. Just in case that bar code might have been ripped off or damaged I put my own label with my address and your address in an opposite corner of the package and covered it with clear packing tape so it could not be damaged. That was to insure that wherever it ended up no one could say they did not know who to deliver it to.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

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Hi Dennis, didn't see this until now. I think the book might be lost in transit - unfortunately it went through the UK and post Brexit a lot of stuff just plain got lost in the mail unfortunately. Any way you can request the courier looks into this? Either way sending over the shipment that is due.

Dennis Tillman W7pF
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