Re: Cleaning Scratchy Bourns MOD pots


do be careful on bending the wire as it may break out a corner, usually upon removal when putting in the correct/ more correct not ask how I know...but it was eons ago on another project long forgotten but the lesson remained.

On 2/18/21 11:22 PM, Ed Breya via wrote:
Hi Dennis,

I don't recall how the Bourns pots look inside, but with the A-B ones, you almost can't go wrong. Once you figure out how they did the modular construction, you don't have to fear taking them apart and rebuilding - especially if you have others to salvage sub-parts from, even if they're not the in quite same arrangement. I've recently been building some multi-section A-B ones from a collection of others (most salvaged from Tek stuff), but have been stymied by not having quite the right items (special couplings) from single-section ones, to gang them together for multi-section use. If you're just doing a clean and rebuild, you don't have to worry about finding different pieces to modify them. The main thing is, don't break the original guts, and keep track of the them and the order of assembly. The screws or rivets to hold it all together are secondary.Actually, if worse comes to worse, you can use wire. I think #14 or #12 solid wire is close enough in diameter to fill the corner holes, and stout enough to just fold over and hold the assembly together quite securely. I've done that before, on a temporary basis - ugly, but functional.


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