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Ryan Scott

Greetings all,
Thanks for the kind Comments Dennis.
Tom Kelly and myself went over to Stan's last night and were with about 7 other people who were there.  
I think Valerie and Paul want to keep it small due to Covid.  Plus, I get the feeling they are a bit overwhelmed, which is understandable given Stan's impressive shop and collection.  But I'm glad they are doing something.  Valerie mentioned it was the right thing to do for her Dad.
Stan's shop is pretty much the same as it was the last time myself and a few others were at the weekend sales (Jan 2020) run by a family friend (Bryce I think).  
Several of the 500 series scopes are still there, as well as plug ins.  Note, assume that tubes were pulled from all items remaining as that is what we found with what we took home.  The tube thieves struck early unfortunately.   Lot's of parts / pieces, etc.  
Valerie is very reasonable on the prices of the stuff remaining.  I think I filled my pickup for my initial offer to Valerie of $400 and she said she was thinking $250, so we settled on $350.  Tom's experience was similar.
Ultimately, I get the feeling that she wants to have her Dad's stuff end up in the hands of people like us to keep the love of Tek going.  
The next sale is Saturday, but I am not sure of the time.  Valerie is insistent that it does not become a 'super spreader event' so is keeping it small.  
All sales appointments are being handled by Valerie's friend, Paul, who is also a good guy.  But he's surprised and overwhelmed at the response thus far.
Interested parties can reach Paul via Next door, or Facebook, as per his initial ad.  (Not the ideal form of communication, but he does respond)
As far as the deadline of end of next week, it appears that Valerie may have received an extension.  
Tom, Tim Pierce, and Myself all agreed we will do whatever we can to save the stuff from the scrappers.  We are just waiting to hear from Valerie, and we did let her know we would surely help when the time came.  
I'll post more probably after this weekend.  
Thanks and Regards,Ryan Scott

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Okay, Walter, thanks for that info.  I think I looked up what I could find on those model numbers back then and I don't remember whether I found that was an indication or not.  Good to know.

This is for a Hameg scope which apparently uses the same CRT.  I'll contact you off-list for more details.

Barry - N4BUQ

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Barry, the /123 means it has a graticule in the CRT part number. These are
all for Philips scopes.


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