Re: tunnel diodes retrace lines in curve tracer


OT: Fig. 1 of the Tektronix Jack Rogers doc....

Tunnel Diodes and the stock market ??
{ apologies ... really }

I was looking at Fig. 1 in the Jack Rogers doc that Dennis graciously posted,

... and was immediately struck, ...had just been doing an introductory "Stock Market 101 tutorial" for dummies, the other day,
simply because I know nothing about the market.

The first graph discussed in that SM 101 tutorial was called a "cup and handle" which sort-of looks like the TD Fig.1, in the Rogers Tek doc,
- but the SM graph is reversed along the horizontal axis, compared to the TD graph.

Which brings me to a question that must be obvious, and studied:
-- Have TD's been modelled mathematically in efforts to better understand TD's non-linear behaviour and to produce better units ?
Presumably there are (many ?) EE theses in this area.
-- Why have TD's become less of a produced and explored area of semiconductors ?
Is there something that better replaces them now ?


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