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Hi Walter,

Las August, I tried emailing Sphere regarding the CRTs advertised on the Stuff Day pages but never received a reply so thought I'd try here.

Regarding the CRTs below, can you tell me whether either of them have the internal graticule? I think that was an option which might not be reflected in the part number but not sure.

(1) D14-363GH/123 Rect.
(1) D14-363GY/123 Rect.

Barry - N4BUQ

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The post-demise sale of guys with lots of gear is always a bit sobering.
Part of the reason Suzie and I are running the Stuff Season event is to
help move
useful bits out to anybody that can use them, rather than have a
dumpster fire
event at the end, or calling 1-800-got-junk.  At 71, I have to consider
that the
window to do that is a bit limited, so we are putting some real effort
into it.

In any case, we are filling up the stuff shelves with things we think
are of interest,
please let me know if there's something special you want to see there,
and we will make
it happen if we can. So far here's the stuff:

Things I still have lots of are Tek semi's, pots and knobs, plus CRTs,
tubes, probes, transformers,
trim parts and Tek, Hp, Fluke and Boonton gear of all kinds. However,
putting it on line takes a lot
longer then setting out boxes at stuff day, so it's hard to know where
to devote effort among
the zillions (a common Canadian metric unit) of parts sitting here. The
toughest things are
"scrap" items, broken units I am disinclined to fix, and have no idea
whether anyone is
interested in or not. Their low value and high shipping cost is a
problem, it's much easier at
stuff day to just set them on a shelf, and say, "take it away..." For
example, I have a nice
looking 2336 portable with several faults that has been sitting a long
time. Cost a lot to buy,
but now worth maybe $25 to me.

I really screwed up at the last event, and didn't put in many bench
power supplies. This time, I got my
son to photograph them all for me, and as a result, there is a HUGE pile
of them from 7 to
2,000 volts there now, and more coming. We scored some fantastic Xantrex
lab supplies
(made here in BC), at a good price, so they are pretty reasonable, and
are really first class units.

Let me know if you want or need anything, you never know what the answer
may be.
Direct email is better than clogging up the list.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-

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