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This is a very professional medical product made by combining a Tek 600 series XY Monitor with a TM504. The plugins use TM500 top and bottom rails. A google search turns up the following:
CooperVision 404 Ophthalmic Ultrasound Machine.
CooperVision's Ultrascan® II Diagnostic Imaging System.
This is probably what the instrument in the picture is (was) used for.
For more contemporary information on CooperVision click on this link:
We all have floaters inside our eyes. Sometimes they can be annoying (they were for in my early 30s for a few years) but you brain learns to ignore them in most cases.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

PS: I wish someone could tell me why people would rather guess and speculate when a simple Google/Bing/etc search is all it takes to reveal the answer in a few moments ?!?!?!?!

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The 608 is an X-Y monitor, so that is a nice find in itself.

The card cage might be a modified TM504.

The plug-in are clearly custom, but those are also a nice find (if you plan to build any custom TM500 plug-ins). I can't make out in the photos whether there are any key slots cut in the card edge connectors. If there are, that might indicate what kind of backplane they are meant for (TM500 or 5000-series).

-- Jeff Dutky

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