Re: 465B strange ripple

John Griessen

On 2/17/21 2:02 PM, Stephen wrote:
what is weird is that I can sometimes literally see the ripple WITHIN the trace itself. As is the trace was a tiny scope... kinda hard to explain... I know how this sounds, but I’m neither hallucinating not mad. It’s as if the trace was not a straight line, but very tight wave forms ~~~~~~~~, sometimes entangled...
Sounds like your are seeing multiple triggered traces overlapping.
Does trigger level affect this?

Can you put photos up somewhere with label as to what they are? Like call one of them 2-17a for the first one of 2021-2-17. Name others with unique names and label them on the photo is good, or put them in ordered rows on the group's album pages one per day, or use some other web server for photos.

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