Re: PG506 vs. PG506A risetime?


They might be talking about the 284 Vs the 506. The 284 is much faster about 70ps

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Subject: [TekScopes] PG506 vs. PG506A risetime?

I have a Lecroy DA1855A differential amplifier with DXC100A probes. I am trying to calibrate the probes. The calibration manual calls for a PG506A "or equivalent" for calibration. They are using both the high amplitude and fast rise outputs of the pulser to adjust LF/HF probe compensation and CMRR.

There is also a paragraph that reads "If pulse generators such as the Tektronix PG506 that do not have a high enough slew rate are encountered in measurement situations..." and then they go on to describe a way of compensating the probes without access to a pulser.

I'm a little confused by their note, and since this the DA1855A a discontinued product I'm not expecting much help from Lecroy. I'm wondering if this is their way of saying that they prefer the PG506A over the PG506?

My question for the group - did the risetime/slew rate change between the PG506 and the PG506A? Would Lecroy have reason to prefer one over the other, or am I misreading their note?

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