Re: TM500 Board Set- 3D printed plastic face plate

Jared Cabot

Ok, I've corrected the dimensions in the manual now.
The PCB's were made from the latest revision, but I pulled the dimensions from the 3D files just before that final tweak.
The manual has been updated with the correct dimension, so f you download v1.5, it should all match up now.
This link may be a bit weird (dunno why that full stop is there( but if you search the files section for 'TM500' you'll find it.

I also updated the 3D files for the plastic front panel for 3D printing and the main 3D file too.


On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 12:18 PM, Dave Seiter wrote:

Oh, one more thing- when drilling out the parts today, I found that the hole
for the rotary switch didn't match the layout drawing in the manual. 
Initially it looked like the offset should be 39.6mm (instead of 38.6mm), but
when I checked with the front panel before drilling, it was 39.1mm.  I
thought it was me, but all the rest of the holes lined up perfectly.  (still
could be me....)

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