Sampling head extender missing coax connectors


When I bought my 3S2 sampling plug-in, it came with a 012-0124-00 Sampling Head Extender (3 ft). Thought that was a nice bonus. Unfortunately some genius seems to have removed the push-on coax connectors from each end (the trigger pickoff). No idea why. But that means I can't use the extender for normal operation! (Although the 3S2 doesn't have internal triggering, that's an easy work-around by connecting a short cable from the 3S2 trig out to the 3T77A ext trig in. Still need to run the trigger from the sampling head to the 3S2, though).

I took the scope-end and the cable hood apart, and the coax is there - someone cut it off, and inside the scope-end it was taped into a half loop with scotch tape. No way was that Tek factory original.

So, any idea what kind of push-on connectors those are, and where I can get one male and one female? If they're crimp style the remaining coax won't be long enough, so I'll have to run another piece of coax alongside the cable, too.

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