Re: Looking for 067-0625-00 Peak-to-Peak Detector Photos

Jared Cabot

All good, I was a bit confused about the pass through capacitors and resistor connections, but it all makes sense now.


On Sat, Feb 13, 2021 at 10:10 AM, Kerry Burns wrote:

Hello Jared

I’m sorry but I can’t remember all of the details from when I took the
cavity apart – should have taken more photos.  I’ve just taken the covers
off and had another look at the PCB, but don’t really want to take the
cavity apart again as I think it was awkward to reassemble properly.  The 100
ohm resistors are soldered to C1 and C2 (fixed to the cavity wall) inside the
cavity.  I don’t think the 50 ohm resistor has any capacitor connection
inside the cavity, although it is of course connected to c3 and c4 on the PCB.


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