Re: Tm500 Extender on eBay

Michael W. Lynch

I do not have the luxury of owning so many different examples of TEK extenders and the "Original Tek produced extenders" were all monstrously expensive when I went looking. Therefore, I ended up purchasing an excellent 3rd party flexible extender that includes test points and LED power indicators in its design.

To Walter's point about pricing, I bought 2 of these aforementioned "flex kits" for about the price of this one extender, and as I said, perhaps the seller was "too cheap" on the flex extender kits.

Walter is correct, plugging the flex extender into a loaded mainframe requires that an adjacent plugin be removed to insert the extender, not a big deal for me.

However, the flex extender allows the Device under repair to be moved and turned to almost any position when you are working on it; a considerable plus, in my opinion.

The flex extender also allows people with limited bench space to position the Plugin to take advantage of said limited space.

While the mainframe connectors certainly are quite robust, the rigid connector still will impart far more force on the connector and on the PC board of the extender itself. This would need to be dealt with in some form or fashion.

The quality appears to be very good, I have no concerns about that, other than what I have previously stated. If the chamfer did happen to be missing, that could be remedied with a few strokes of a file.

If I did not already have extenders, I would jump on one of these myself. If you are going to work on these TM500 plug ins, sooner or later you will need an extender or two (in some cases).

All in all, I do not find the selling price to be out of line in today's market. The seller deserves to make a profit and he must price the item accordingly (for the reasons that Walter mentions), especially with E-Bay taking their 12.35% cut.

I certainly appreciate Walter and his well reasoned comments and experience on this topic. looking forward to hearing his opinion after he tests one of these in person.

Another .02 cents added to the pot.
Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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