Re: Tm500 Extender on eBay


A few comments on the ebay extender (which I have nothing to do with personally).

1. the edge fingers *ARE* chamfered, it is clearly shown in the pic, and it even says so in the text. I found all the bashing of that card on this topic totally uncalled for, and especially ironic considering that all the TM500 tester kits just delivered *ARE NOT *chamfered. I see that was "solved" by a few hits with a file, but apparently such a fix was not deemed possible for this extender card.

2. that rear backplane connector is strong as an ox. I have trouble picturing the case where it will be destroyed by this card. It is MUCH stronger than the 7K backplane connectors.

3. It would be EASY to add a correct height side plate or plates via stand-offs to fit into the cage height (maybe put some nylon edge guard on it to make it slide easier), to act as a strain absorber and positioner. it may  also be possible to just add a bit of nylon edge grommet to the board itself to do this, making any flexing on the connector a non-issue.

4. I own literally every extender that has been made for TM500/5K/7K plug-ins in cable and rigid styles, original and 3rd party. They all have their features and detractions. The actual Tek flexible cable for TM500 repair is Ok, but would have REALLY benefited from some status LEDs for power supply status (to quickly check all the fuse conditions), and it is incredibly hard to insert that short edge connector into the frame unless the adjacent plug ins are removed first, an issue this long card avoids.

5. The current long extender being offered seems pretty good to me, I would have added power supply LEDs, and polyswitches to the DC supply lines (can't be done on the AC lines except by fuses) to prevent damaged plug-ins from cratering the frame, but that could in fact be added easily.  A little bit of mechanical support to engage the frame for stress relief, and voila, total happiness could be yours.

6. The price is not bad, that is a LOT of PCB area, with  GOLD chamfered edge fingers, solder mask and slots, all extra cost adders for fab. I'm going to buy one and test it for myself to see how it compares to the cable types.
I should point out that very similar VME single connector extenders are hundreds of dollars (I have those too),
so I don't really begrudge the maker a some extra revenue for his time and design.

just my $0.02 worth on this topic.

all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

PS: Tons of power supplies and audio goodies being added daily to the *stuff season page*, it's almost  ready to go,
and you can grab stuff now. Vu-data items added to the Tek section.

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