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I will two my 2 cents in as well. Slow ramp for linier supplies are ok. Slow ramps for switching supplies will damage them. You will over current some of the parts. I do not remember what supplies are in the 400 series but if I remember correctly it is linier/transformer based supply with regulators. The testing procedure is a ramp up and down +/- a percentage of the line voltage.

Just some thoughts.


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Remember that it's an AFAIK, so I can always be wrong. It does seem to make sense for me, though.

I always told my students that the real fun came when you looked at a design at the boundary conditions. Anybody (and perhaps everybody, now, with automated design tools) can design something for the middle of the bull's eye. On the other hand, the interesting design problems come when you start to look at the boundaries of the design solution.


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Thank you Harvey for the explanation. You've given me a good jumping off point for more reading.

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