Re: TDS510 or TDS460A or 485 scopes as upgrade

Giuseppe Marullo

485 if still available is about 220-40USD (local pickup).
I usually wait for a unit with an issue at a lower price but the reason I get them is I like the puzzle of the debug so it may or may not work for you. I paid $60 for a unit with a power supply short, later it turned out it had dirty switches and a bad >>timebase capacitor.
Honorable intentions but I am past that, I am even past the drawer syndrome where you buy a new just released MCU and by the time you decide finally to use it, it has been superseded by another one or two generations.
I need something "reliable" in a sense that, despite old, comes in my hands working. If and when it will break, then it will become "another interesting project", and the debug/swap board fest will begin. For example I have a HP8640B in this situation, spare parts available but it's there waiting since three years ago.

This one seems okay, sold by an ham. If I will be able to lower the price a bit, it could be a nice addition to a Rigol that can't show much at higher frequencies. Cursors are nice, but as you know Rigol does way many measures that sometimes you have to wonder how much screen is left for the waveform. A clean screen could be even relaxing, in the end not so much money if it works. I see it has a respectable size, but there is always room as soon as the wife is distracted.

My comment above applies, you may want to wait for the right unit these prices seem too high for just a hobby unit.
I understand, but keep in mind that availability of units in Italy and in EU is just a fraction of what is available in US for example. Shipping charges/Freight, customs and *Fantastic* Ebay Global shipping program adds up to the costs considerably so what is available in EU could be sold higher.

How to tell 2465b from a pimped/fake 2445b?
There was a message chain in eevblog about it (you can search "fake 2465B"). I don't remember the details.

Since there is no ADC you can't read back the signal or take a screen shot from GPIB.
Okay, I was expecting it but I asked just to be sure.

At the moment, the 485 may fit the bill, else I will start looking for cheaper 2265b/2267b.

Thanks, I will post any progress here.

Giuseppe Marullo

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