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On 10 Feb 2021, at 22:41, Stephen <> wrote:

On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 11:32 AM, Dave Voorhis wrote:

On 10 Feb 2021, at 21:54, Stephen <> wrote:

What do you guys think of this curve tracer compared to other “real” Tek
What would it compare to in the official Tek line? Is it worth it?
I’ve never used a curve tracer before, and I don’t own one, I’m just

I have one.

It has neither the range of features or the industrial build quality (or the
storage capability) of my Tek 577 D1, but it’s still a nice, capable curve

On the plus side, it has an illuminated graticule, which my 577 doesn’t

What kind of features would you say it’s lacking?
Build quality isn’t good? From the pictures it looks like any other good Tek gear to me.
Telequipment that was owned by Tektronix from the late 60’s through the 1970’s, I think. They made relatively low-cost equipment targeted at the service market, rather than the higher-end engineering market targeted by Tek.

Some differences:

The CT71 is technically simpler than the 577 and generally light-weight construction and cheaper circuit boards, lower power (10 watts max compared to the 577’s 100 watts), and a fixed front-end with multiple device adaptors, instead of a front-end plug-in (several available) with multiple device adaptors on the 577.

The 577 has a multi-turn precision vernier for offset and switchable aid/oppose, whereas the CT71 is a standard 1-turn pot and aid-only.

The 577 is switchable 1 - 10 or 1 - 100 (?) steps; the CT71 is 1 - 10 steps only.

The 577 has single-sweep and pulsed modes, which the CT71 doesn’t have.

The 577 D1 (but not the D2 model) has analog storage, which reduces flicker with slow sweeps and allows you to easily observe curve shift over time due to heating and such, which the CT71 doesn’t have.

The 577 has a front-panel circuit breaker to cut out the collector supply if the DUT is shorted; with the CT71 you replace a fuse.


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