Re: TDS510 or TDS460A or 485 scopes as upgrade

Giuseppe Marullo

Many thanks Jeff and Ozan.

485 if still available is about 220-40USD (local pickup).
2465b is about 600+ usd shipped (out of my budget but I may decide to spend this money).

2467b is over 800 (honestly out of my budget)

Also, you are less likely to run into a counterfeit (maybe I'm just paranoid about that now, but the fact there are people out there mangling 2445Bs to rebadge them as 2465Bs makes me very wary).
How to tell 2465b from a pimped/fake 2445b?

Another question, with 2465b would it be possible to have a screenshot through HPIB? I had a quick look at the commands and seems not.

Giuseppe Marullo

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