Re: Dark deposit on pins near leaking SMD electrolytic caps

Harvey White

I'm not the first to mention the problems of Formula 409 on plastic.  However, I should mention that Simple Green may have some of the same chemicals, which indicates that a thorough rinse is highly suggested.  The TDS 500 and 600 series have potentially nasty capacitors in them, so part of the re-capping process is to go through and do a scrub with simple green, rinse, dry thoroughly, (possibly use 91% alcohol to help remove the water), then re-cap as needed.


On 2/9/2021 9:20 PM, Ozan wrote:
Hi Harvey,
Most people seem not to like 409 because of its effects on plastic.
I've heard several people suggest that simple green should be used for
cleaning off PC boards (and rinsed thoroughly afterwards!).  Another
Good info about 409. Although I don't keep it long on the PCB it is quite strong, time to switch to Simple Green.


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