Re: 465B strange ripple


On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 01:30 PM, Jean-Paul wrote:

Stephen bonjour

Set the sweep hor 5 or 10 mS/ div, set trigger LINE

you will see if the symptoms are at a 100 Hz mains frequency

Then check every power supply DC voltage and rippling vs manual specifications

Most likely due to dried powered supply electrolytic caps, needs recapping.

It also sounds like you have a ground issue, perhaps faulty mains earth.

Bon Chance


Hi Jon,

First of all, thank you.
Now, all the voltages are ok within specs as per the manual.

This is what I see on the 110V TP at 5mV/Div - 5ms/Div - SOURCE LINE:,,,50,2,0,0

This is what I see on the same 110V TP at 10mV/Div - 20┬Ás/Div - SOURCE. AC:,,,50,2,0,0

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