Re: Dark deposit on pins near leaking SMD electrolytic caps


On Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 01:43 AM, Ozan wrote:

I know SMD caps are the reason and I know it needs to be cleaned as soon as
Hi Ozan,
After I posted, I reread your post and realized that you already knew and what you're really looking for.
A lot has been written about cleaning methods. AFAIR, thorough washing with an acidic solution has been suggested and neutralizing afterward by thorough neutral rinsing. I have used soaking for about an hour in 50% diluted household vinegar, rinsing and brushing off solids, soaking in washing-up liquid for about an hour, and very thorough rinsing and soaking in clean water, followed by thorough drying in a ventilated place at about 40C for at least an hour.
I have treated two 2467B's, three 2465B's, a 2445B, and (AFAIR) two TDS520A's this way, all successfully, between three and five years ago. One 2465B and one TDS520A needed restoration work to become functional again. I have preemptively removed and replaced a number of devices, mostly opamps, where I feared damage underneath.

I don't remember if others have given different advice, because I had already finished most of my 'scopes before it and didn't consider changing my method.


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