Re: 465B strange ripple


Here’s a little follow up on my issues with this 465B.
The attenuators (C30 to C37) are definitely not always seated properly. It seems the contacts are not optimal, and sometimes they lose them. I have to press them down a little. Not good.
Also, it seems that the trace gets much sharper when I touch the chassis ground. It’s otherwise unusually blurry.
Also, I notice that same trace ripple when I try to compensate a probe. It’s not steady at all. The trace is bouncing up and down almost like a 50-cycle hum. That is noticeable at low frequencies. At higher ones, it’s probably there too, but it’s less visually noticeable. Sometimes I see this waves within the trace itself... You can see that on the pictures I posted above.

I’ve checked all the voltages, and they are all within specs, but I think the ripple is very high.
It’s actually very hard to clearly see it, as I can’t even get a clear trace of it on the 466 I used to check it.
Unless I didn’t measure it correctly, it does seem high except on the 110V TP.

Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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