Re: 2445B 2467B - non Tek probes

Harvey White

I tried to find the one that I had taken apart, but without success.

I think that there are two types, possibly distinguished by the plastic color.

The one that I remember was light gray.  The plastic was in two pieces, the body and a ring at the end.  I seem to remember that the ring can be pried off.  Once that is done, the mechanical parts can simply be pushed out.

The second one that I just looked at was a black plastic.  In this case, the body apparently had the ring permanently attached. There are a number of small fingers that grab the back of the metal insert.  I suspect that you can just push out the connector using a defunct panel mount BNC shell.


On 2/8/2021 10:47 PM, Jeff Dutky wrote:

I have been trying to figure out how to remove the plastic shell on the BNC connector and have not had any luck, even where i have connectors that are partly disintegrated. Maybe I have simply been too gentle in my investigations. If you can recall how this is done, I would be eager to know.

-- Jeff Dutky

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