Re: Selenium rectifiers in Tek equipment


I purchased a Tek 575 Mod 122C curve tracer a couple of years ago from a Craig’s List seller. There was an original Instructional manual included along with instructions for a Mod kit (040-0223-00) which replaces the selenium rectifiers with silicon rectifiers. This Mod has not been incorporated into the curve tracer and I don’t have the necessary parts to do so. I don’t have the two ceramic strips that were used in the kit (#124-0089-00 Strip, cer, ¾ x 7 notches, clip mounted) or the bracket (#406-0815-00 bracket, silicon rectifier mounting) to mount the new silicon rectifiers. The remaining parts (the rectifiers, and solder lugs and spacers I figure can be obtained from Mouser. I know that I could mount the rectifiers on something other than the ceramic strips, but I am a bit anal (OK, perhaps more than just a bit) and I like to do it the right way.

If anyone has one of these Mod Kits available or just the ceramic strips, I would be interested in purchasing it.

It is interesting to note that the selenium rectifiers are being replaced with silicon rectifiers without any extra resistors for dropping the voltage as was suggested in this thread might be necessary.

As a youngster, I too recall salvaging a selenium stack from an old B&W TV, stripping the paint off and using the plates as a photo electric cell. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to fasten wires to the plates!

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