Re: was 549 transformer question

Michael A. Terrell

Tom Lee wrote:
The CTC-4 used a 6CB5. I can't recall ever having seen an 807 in a color set, so I was very intrigued by your post. Indeed, I only saw a few in very old B&W sets, lots of 6BG6s in later (but still early) B&W sets. I was always on the lookout for 807s, settled for 6BG6s.

I only saw two CTC4 based chassis, and both were in the early '70s. The first was mine, which I gave to a collector when he bought all of my antique radios before I left for the Army. The second was a rare, video only version that RCA built for TV stations. It was still in use at one of the two TV stations in Fairbanks, Alaska. Most of the station was still early '50s RCA TV equipment. I was shocked that the AFRTS station at Ft. Greely was better equipped, even if my station was Monochrome.

BTW, I transmitted our station ID in color, with no color equipment. I borrowed a Heathkit color bar generator, and fed it into the Genlock input of our dual, Grass Valley Sync Generator. I hand made a 35m slide to position two lines over the color bars. I did it because an ID10T Second Lt. was telling everyone that the station could not be converted to color even though we were waiting for the delivery of new equipment. 15 seconds after I did it live, he was on the phone screaming, "Soldier! You just made a fool of me!" I laughed and said, "Sir, you brag that you are a self made man" and I hung up. He was the base PIO, and a real idiot.

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