Re: TDS510 or TDS460A or 485 scopes as upgrade


I'll throw in my recommendation for the 2465 (no A, no B), especially if you can get one with the counter/timer option. It's lower bandwidth than the A or B models, but it has direct physical controls, rather than rotary encoders, and it doesn't have a (now likely dead) battery backing up it's NVRAM.

Also, you are less likely to run into a counterfeit (maybe I'm just paranoid about that now, but the fact there are people out there mangling 2445Bs to rebadge them as 2465Bs makes me very wary).

I've been lusting after a 485 for a while, but my bench is already groaning under the weight of 40 year old scopes, and I've got enough to worry about keeping a 475 working.

I will leave it to others to sing the praises of a 7000 series mainframe.

-- Jeff Dutky

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