Re: TDS510 or TDS460A or 485 scopes as upgrade


Hi Giuseppe,
I am sure you will get many opinions but here is the opinion from someone who owns a 1054Z, few analog Teks, and few TDS class Teks. TDS510 and TDS460 bandwidths only give you the advantage for repetitive signals otherwise ADC sampling rate is not fast enough to capture at the BW of the scope (usually you need to stay below sampling_rate/2.5). In summary I don't think TDS460 (even TDS510) would give anything over 1054Z. They have much better user interface than 1054Z but lack several good features like Ethernet/USB/Logic decode.

I own a 485 and it is a great scope. If you can get one cheaply 2465B and 2467B would be even better. Note that 485 doesn't have cursors (need to read from graticules), 2465B/2467B have cursors. Although 485 is older it competes nicely with my 2467B, I like them both.

I am sure there will be others trying to convince you to 7000 series analog scopes, they look interesting if you have the space.

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