Re: Sick SG504

Tom Lee

Ah, yes, great example, Chuck. Hometaxial no more. The later 3055 clones, though, at least pretended to conform to the original datasheet numbers. The BFR94A variants don't even make a half-hearted effort to do so.

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On 2/8/2021 17:16, Chuck Harris wrote:
How about 2N3055?

-Chuck Harris

Tom Lee wrote:
Thank you for the very helpful information, John. One thing that's always mystified
me is that the Philips/NXP BFR94A doesn't even have the same die as the "original"
BFR94A in the SOT122E. The breakdwon voltages, capacitances, max IC, ft, etc. are all
different. I can't remember ever encountering a similar situation where the same
transistor part number is used for such different devices (I'm excluding the
data-compressed SMD marking codes).


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