Re: 2445B 2467B - non Tek probes


On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 12:54 AM, Ondrej Pavelka wrote:

I can clearly see the Testek probes are superior
to P6136 but the lack of the coding ring is driving me mad.
I couldn't find 600 MHz Testec (Testek?) passive probes, 500 MHz being the max. What did you find that makes the Testek probes superior to P6136's? Are you talking about the (1.2 GHz) active ones?

In most cases, it doesn't make much sense to use any passive probe at these high frequencies, because of their large input capacitance of around 10 pF min. I don't know any passive 1:10 probes spec'ed higher than 500 MHz.

Tek P6137's aren't very expensive and recommended for the 2465B/67B. I guess that makes more sense than trying to add a readout feature.


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