Re: Sick SG504

John Bennett

I misspoke regarding the package type for Q70 (I should have looked it up). You want the 4-tab studded package (it has two emitter tabs) referred to in various data sheets as SOT122E, SOT48, and I think TO-117 (not TO-128). In any event, the BFR94A in that form factor should work. I have also used the the Motorola MRF587 and MRF511 with some success, although there are trade offs:
Typ. fT (GHz) VCEmax (V) Max Diss (W) ICmax (ma)
BRF94A 3.5 25 3.5 300
MRF587 5.5 17 5 200
MRF511 2.1 30 5 250

I generally go with the BFR94A, which are usually easy to find on eBay.
Good luck with your project!

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