Re: Waking a slumbering 475



Running the 475 up slowly on a variac is actually one of the performance test procedures, as it will verify that the LOW LINE indicator is working, so if you have a variac and feel like starting the 475 up nice and slow, it will be fine.

The 475 with DM44 does not have a vernier on the delay time position control, rather it has a simple knob (like yours, and as you have seen in pictures): the calibrated delay is, I believe, indicated on the DM44 LED display.

The cord wrap feet do not hold up well over time. I second the recommendation of n0dy-jeff as a source for excellent 3D printed replacements.I have several sets of his cord wrap feet for a couple of 475s and a 475A, and could not be more pleased.

I also have a personal connection to these instruments: my father was a service engineer working on laboratry equipment and data machines, and used a Tek 475 for many years. I have that 475, now 45 years old and still working: it is a wonderful instrument. I have also done some repair and restoration work on the 475 and 475A, and have found it to be enjoyable (if not always easy). I hope you get plenty of enjoyment out of your 475.

-- Jeff Dutky

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